The one reason that customers turn to us, is to escape the long and grinding forms and processes of traditional avenues. We offer a quick three-step service that is transparent and reliable. Our entire payment system is designed to be as clear as crystal and cater to the understanding of all our customers equally. There are neither contracts that you have to carefully scrutinize nor any extensive paperwork to fill out.

auto title loans

Here we will explain a process that is easy and uncomplicated.


The first step to getting a loan approved by us you need to contact our car title lender or fill out an online submission giving contact information and the details of your car. At most even this form takes 3 to 5 minutes. We will contact you and approve your loan within 15 minutes of submission.

 Keep your particular documents at hand:

After your loan has been approved it is essential that you provide us with basic proof of three things.

  • – Title of ownership
  • – Insurance papers of the vehicle
  • – California driver’s license

These are requested to assure the ownership of your car. After the documents have been looked at or you can fax them to us we can proceed to the final step.

Cash your check!

Lastly you can either come collect the check or after the appraisal of your car you can receive a check at your home! Remember, we only transfer the title in the name of the car title lender. The possession of the car is yours. There are no restrictions by our side. In providing a check we assure that the process of cashing the much needed funds do not take more than a day.